My Five Year Plan | Where Do I Want To Be In Five Years

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road-nowhere-wonderful-bestroad-nowhere-wonderful-best Where do I want to be i five years? This is the question, the big question. There are so many options and directions to go, which road do you choose?

Five years is a long time. Some roads close or change, detours are made and some new roads open up. But I do have a vision and now I need to pick the right road to get there.

My Vision

  • I want to take my photography business on the road
  • I want to be living in a motor coach with my beautiful wife, traveling the United States
  • I want to be capturing the most beautiful landscape and nature photos
  • I want to be sharing them with you

This is my ultimate goal and dream!


5 years5 years My Five Year Plan

Well, to be honest, I currently have no plan. But now is the time to start designing and modifying a plan to make this happen. There is a lot of research ahead and so many questions to be answered. But along with all the questions and how to's, I have to get my five year plan started and this is how I am going to do it.

Step 1: Engage in Self-Assessment & Discovery

Step 2: Develop Long-Term Goals

Step 3: Design Your Roadmap

Step 4: Identify Milestones

Step 5: Ready Your Support Network

Those are the steps to design my plan.

This is just the start. Stay tuned and check back often as I design, plan and execute my five year plan.


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