Soco Falls and Oconaluftee River | Landscape and Nature Photography

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Another adventurous day. North Carolina Day 5.

Started today out at Juney Whank Falls which didn't produce much for photography. From there we went to Soco Falls and I hiked all the way down. I slipped once, landed on my butt and slid a little ways, but all was good. Once I reached the top of the first fall, I walked out to the falls edge and captured some photos looking up the stream. I then proceeded to hike the rest of the way down to the very bottom of the falls. I captured some amazing photos which are below and some more in the gallery.

For our final destination, we headed back to the Oconaluftee River. We hiked the river and I went under a Blue Ridge Parkway bridge. When I rounded the corner, there was this massive elk standing about as tall as me not including the antlers right in my path. I backed up slowly and then walked on air out of there. We then went to the Oconaluftee Farm and started hiking the river. I stopped on the rivers edge to capture some photos and was hoping to see some elk crossing the river to head to the field at the farm. Little did I know, I was right in the path. Here comes a herd of elk, directly across from me and headed my way across the river. I captured a few photos and then started backing up down the trail still capturing images. I made my way down to the rivers edge again a little bit farther up river and captured some more images of all the elk crossing.

Once back by the field at the farm, I was able to capture a calf nursing from it's mother. Photos are below and more are in the gallery.

Click an image below to view it larger and to view the rest of the gallery.

Soco CreekSoco CreekLong exposure at Soco Creek Soco Falls MiniSoco Falls MiniFall leaves at Soco Falls Soco Falls 1Soco Falls 1Fall leaves at Soco Falls Blue Ridge ParkwayBlue Ridge ParkwayBlue Ridge Parkway Oconaluftee River 3Oconaluftee River 3Oconaluftee River Oconaluftee River 4Oconaluftee River 4Oconaluftee River ElkElkOconaluftee River and Farm ElkElkOconaluftee River and Farm


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