Joe Leone Photography | Circle B Bar Reserve - Lakeland, Florida

Circle B Bar Reserve - Lakeland, Florida

February 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Joe & SonjaJoe & Sonja Have you seen the viral video on Facebook and all over the news of a massive alligator walking across a path? If you haven't, here is the link.

Well, this is where we decided to head out to this past Saturday. Not because of this specific gator or all the hype, but because we knew this would be an awesome place to hike and capture some great photos.

There was no parking fee and no entrance fee. Everything was free and we had a blast. We hiked approximately 7 miles capturing photos all along the way. We saw everything from the alligators to a Bald Eagle, all kinds of other birds and so much more.

We even walked one of the trails that went between two of the lakes while watching all the gators in the water on both sides. As we were walking and watching, I looked down and wouldn't you know, there was a gator on the shore to our right. Luckily we were still 15 feet or so away and he was facing the water, not the trail. The photo below shows the trail we walked down with the lakes on both sides.

Joe & SonjaJoe & Sonja

We continued on after that being a little more cautious of where we were walking and finishing the rest of the reserve. We will definitely come back again, this time with a plan to sit in certain areas and capture more wildlife photos. Make sure you visit our Circle B Bar Reserve photo album for all our photos.


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