Naga | St Petersburg Pet Photographer

Name | Naga
Date | 02.25.19
Location | Walter Fuller Dog Park, St Petersburg, Florida
Pet Photographer | Joe Leone

Pet Photography! I've captured photos of a few pets in the past, like maybe 3 times before, but I have never called myself a pet photographer before. This is a completely different world and a whole other ball game. I was asked by a friend of mine to book a pet session for their canine. Of course since I had recently acquired my own little bag of puppy chomping teeth as a rescue and have been playing around with my own photos, I couldn't pass this chance up to get some more practice in.

Here we have Naga who is an 11 year old female mixed breed. As this furry friend is part of a long time martial arts family, she knows a few commands such as Joon Bi which means ready in Korean.

We visited a really nice and large dog park at Walter Fuller Park for this session. The dog park is huge. They have a small and large dog section like most dog parks do, but the areas for the dogs were just massive. Many picnic benches, seating and large shaded trees throughout the park.

As there were other dogs around, Naga's photo session was going to be more of a candid session than trying to pose her with all the other activity going on. I have posted a few of the photos I captured below.