Travel and Save | Free Groceries, Products and Cash

Do you like FREE stuff?

Do you travel or drive a lot and purchase gas often? Want to learn how to get FREE groceries, products and cash?

With my photography business (Joe Leone Photography), my charity photography business (13th Hour) and driving for Uber and Lyft, I purchase a lot of gas. Gas is not cheap and you need to save everywhere you can when you use that much. Even if you only fill up once per week and not every other day like I do, you too can save and make money.

I’m not going to go in to a long drawn out blog post of blah blah blah, so here are the goods you need to know and how to do it.

To start, you need to download these apps and join all 4 of these programs. Once you complete this, come back here for the instructions on How to Get Maximum Rewards.

Apps Needed for Maximum Rewards

GetUpside gives you cash back for every gas purchase you make. You can redeem the cash back in gift cards, deposited to your PayPal account or have a check mailed to you.

Shell Fuel Rewards gives you a discount at the pump. The standard discount is 5¢, but it is possible for that to be higher. You can read the program details for that information.

GasBuddy also gives you cash back. They give you 10¢ off per gallon on your first fill-up and 5¢ off per gallon on all future fill-ups. You can also earn cash back by linking your credit and debit cards with GasBuddy inside their app. When you do this and make purchases at various retailers, you can earn cash back. They have a list of retailers in their app.

Shop Your Way - With Shop Your Way, you can have your GasBuddy cash back rewards connected to your Shop Your Way account. This is in turn give your cash rewards to use for purchases in the hop Your Way app or in the store of either Sears or Kmart. Uber Drivers: Go on a computer and log in to your Shop Your Way account and in the settings, link your Shop Your Way account to your Uber account. Shop Your Way gives you $2 for every Uber ride you give. This adds up quick.

How to Get Maximum Rewards

  1. Open your GetUpside app and select the Shell gas station nearest you. You want to make sure you ONLY use a Shell gas station.

  2. Click on the Claim button.

  3. Go to the pump and push the button for Fuel Rewards on the screen.

  4. Insert your Shell Fuel Rewards card and remove it.

  5. Next get out your GasBuddy gas card and insert it for your payment.

  6. Pump your gas.

  7. After you have completed pumping your gas, press the print receipt button on the pump and grab your receipt.

  8. Fold your receipt just above where it says FRN Loyalty.

  9. Go back to your GetUpside app and tap on the Upload Receipt button.

  10. Take a picture of the first portion of your receipt with the date, price and gallons shown.

  11. Click the Upload button and follow the on screen instructions.

Now that you have completed the above steps, you will see cash back rewards in your GetUpside app and GasBuddy app within a couple of days. If you connected your GasBuddy to your Shop Your Way app, you should be able to open Shop You Way and see your rewards in there too. You can let this build up like I do and make larger purchases. Be cautious of the expiration dates in the Shop Your Way app. Points do expire so you want to make sure you use them. Below is a list and a few photos of a some of the things I have bought with my Shop Your Way rewards totaling hundreds of dollars which was FREE for me.

  • SPT WA-8070E 8 000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Single-Hose System $300

  • Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table $138.99

  • Jaclyn Smith 7' Pre-Lit Colorado Flocked Pine with 600 Clear Lights $199

  • Pet Bed, Pet Supplies, Baby Gate, Clothing, Shoes, Makeup and more.