Sarah and Necko | St Petersburg Couples Photographer

Name | Sarah and Necko
Date | 03.02.19
Location | Historic Old Northest Coffeepot Bayou, St Petersburg, Florida
Couples Photographer | Joe Leone

Being a St Petersburg Couples Photographer, sometimes you're lucky enough to know your clients long before you shoot them. We've known Sarah for over 9 years. She was part of our initial training at Kinney Karate. We've seen her grow up and blossom into the amazing and fierce woman she is today.

When she left for college we still maintained contact. While she was away she met Neckodemus. These two bonded over a mutual love for Martial Arts. When you get to witness your couple falling in love, and then get lucky enough to capture those special smiles and twinkles in their eye, you jump on the opportunity.

We met Sarah and Necko in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, near Coffeepot Bayou. Beautiful blue skies and a soft breeze greeted us. We shot them amongst the beautiful (bougainvillea) that hung above them and stunning beautiful Palm Trees that adorned the brick lined streets.

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