Kinney Karate Black Belt Testing | St Petersburg Event Photographer

Name | Kinney Karate Black Belt Testing
Date | 04.25.19
Location | J.W. Cate Center (Northwest), St Petersburg, Florida
Event Photographer | Joe Leone

A couple of times a year we get the honor of being a part of the Black Belt Exams for Kinney Karate. This exam was held at J.W. Cates Northwest Recreation Center in St. Petersburg, FL.  It is a special time for those who have been training years without giving up to attain such a status.  Kinney Karate has been around for 50 years. In that time they have promoted many individuals to this coveted rank.  This exam was unlike any other; it was small and intimate.  Just four people tested for their black belt.  The difference in this exam was the vast age difference between the testers.  This age variance shows you are never too young or too old to start training and doing martial arts.  This promotion ceremony is just another way we like to help people celebrate milestones in their life.