What does $7800 in camera gear sound like hitting the concrete?

It started as a regular day. You load up the car with your camera equipment checking that you have everything you need for a photo walk. After you arrive at your destination, you check your camera gear over, throw on your camera sling strap, attach the camera and then head out with your group of friends.

All is going well as you capture various photos along your walk. Then, as your standing still, you feel your camera strap loosen, and you hear a crash at your feet. Your heart briefly stops, you soil your pants and you pause for a second as you’re afraid to look down.

At this point, I am thinking to myself; there goes $7800 in camera gear. Before looking down, I grab my camera strap and pull it up so I can see where my camera was previously attached.  Sure enough, the swivel connector had broken loose from the metal slider on the strap.


I finally look down to see my camera and lens still attached, and my lens hood is laying just a few inches away. The body of the camera and lens partially laying on the concrete and the other end of the lens and lens hood laying in the flowerbed.

My gear had fallen about 3 feet to the concrete below. Luckily, I believe the lens hood hit first, which broke the fall for the lens and camera body. At this point, I bent over and picked everything up. I checked the camera and lens over, reattached the lens hood, and tested the camera and lens functions. Everything worked perfectly and I only had a few scratches.

I was lucky. Unfortunately, accidents happen, but I was able to learn from this one. I regularly check my gear and clean it. However, I have never thought about checking the connection between the swivel connector and the metal slider it was attached to on the strap. I also did not have a safety tether from the camera body to the camera strap itself.