Day 1 | John Chesnut Sr Park | Palm Harbor, Florida

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Nature Photo Walk

Day 1 | John Chesnut Sr Park | Palm Harbor, Florida

I recently set a new goal for myself which was to get out at minimum of once per week and do a nature photo walk at a local park. Today was day 1.

For this trip, I visited the beautiful John Chesnut Sr Park in Palm Harbor, Florida. The park is approximately 255 acres with many amenities such as picnic shelters with grills, boat ramp, 2 playgrounds, horseshoe pits, a softball field, and a dog park. There are also 3 nature trails and a canoe trail which all run along Lake Tarpon.

On this walk, I used all 3 trails and started about 745 am. It is amazing at all the wildlife and nature you can see at John Chesnut Sr Park if you take your time on the trails. I saw so may people during my walk that were too busy looking at their cell phones, talking on the phone or just ignoring their surroundings. It’s a shame they missed all the beauty I had the privilege to see. I wish more people would just stop and look around themselves once in a while to observe the beauty that is all around them. Maybe they too could have capture some of these photos.