George C. McGough Nature Park | Largo, Florida

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Nature Photo Walk

The Narrows | Largo, Florida

For this Nature Photo Walk, I visited George C. McGough Nature Park in Largo, Florida located right off Walsingham Road. This park was once known as the Largo Narrows. It includes 15 acres of mangroves and submerged areas along with 20 acres of upland. It is near the Indian Rocks Bridge and borders the intercoastal waterway.

McGough Nature Park features a pond by the parking lot with snapping,  red-eared, soft-shelled and Florida box turtles. Visitors can feed the turtles if they buy the special turtle food. Gopher tortoises, the size of a small dog, can be found by the pond too. They dig out up to 30 feet long burrows shared with snakes and lizards.

On my visit, it had rained hard the night before so some of the dirt and shell trails were impassible as they were covered with water. I had to stick to the main trails and boardwalk so was therefor unable to capture some of the photos I was looking for, but I did capture a few others. Below are the photos I was able to capture from the main common areas.